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Hard at work I am a Florida CPA and my office is located in Tampa. I work with small business owners and individuals in the Tampa Bay Area. However, I do have clients in other states and a client in the United Kingdom. I have more than thirty years of experience in public accounting.

I am a native of Tampa, Florida. My parents moved to Tampa from Michigan and Ohio when they were very young. I attended public schools in Tampa and graduated from Chamberlain High School in June 1960.

The University of South Florida (USF) was created in 1956 and opened its doors in September 1960. I was a member of the charter class. There were only three buildings on the campus at the time and no grass, just yellow sand. We had to wear sun glasses to protect our eyes from the blowing sand and the glare. The campus has changed over the years. From the humble beginning with around 1,800 students to today's more than 37,000 students, USF has become the second largest university in the Southeast and the 15th largest nationally. USF recently graduated its 150,000th student. USF recently celebrated its 40th year.

I graduated in December 1964 with a major in accounting. I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and worked for one of the big 8 (now big 6) accounting firms for three years. I returned to Tampa in December 1967 and went to work for a CPA in Tampa. In July 1976, I started my own accounting firm.

I have taught accounting courses on a part-time basis at USF and at Hillsborough Community College. Teaching was very enjoyable. My travel schedule and the demands of my office required that I give up teaching.

Octopus Several years ago I learned to scuba dive and have spent many hours underwater looking at all of the creatures. On a night dive in Honduras, I took a photo of an octopus. He was really small, but the photo in my office makes him look very large.
After purchasing a Porsche 944 in 1985, I joined the Porsche Club. One of the fun things I did was to attend the driver education sessions at Sebring International Raceway. I worked my way up from a first time driver on the track to being a driving instructor for the Porsche Club. In 1989 I attended two different race driving schools. Driving a real race car was a great thrill. I still drive the Porsche on a daily basis and it now has more than 200,000 miles on the odometer.

The kindest thing my friends and clients say about me is that I don't look like, dress like or act like a "normal" CPA. For instance, about ten years ago I started wearing ties with animals or Mickey Mouse or Star Trek on them. A few years ago, everyone started wearing nifty ties.

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