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  Retained earnings In this part of my practice I simply help people run their business. Business decisions don't always concern income taxes. If I can help a business owner make business decisions that will help the business grow and increase profits, I will not only have a more successful client, but a good friend.
One of the ways I help business owners is making sure their accounting system is giving them good information. By designing the accounting system with enough detail, but not too much detail, the business owner will be able to capture good information that can be used to make projections about the current or future year. The information would also be used to project the income tax liability.
  Working with accounting department members My larger business owners have an accounting department and I work closely with their accountant during the year as various situations arise. Many smaller business owners do not have an accounting department and those business owners can get bogged down when they attempt to be the accountant for their business.

Let's face it: accounting isn't for everyone.

I can provide the small business owner with a simple check writing package that will computerize their checkbook and capture good accounting information before the check is actually written on the printer connected to their computer. Oh yes, when the business owner takes a check from the office to buy something, the check can be entered into the system as a handwritten check. The check writing system integrates with my in-house accounting software and allows me to take the information from the business owner's computer and transfer that information to my computer. Then I can produce custom designed financial statements and reports for the business owner.

  Checkbook The name of the check writing package is The Checkbook Solution®, a registered trademark of Creative Solutions, Inc. The system is perfect for the business owner who is not an accountant.
The system allows the business owner the opportunity to spend important time in their business instead of worrying about number details. The Checkbook Solution® has four modules, the basic check writing module, a computing payroll module, an accounts receivable module and an accounts payable module. I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the system.
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