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Tax return -- with a refund! When it comes to taxes, no one wants a surprise. Since 1981, tax laws have been constantly changing. It is important for individuals and business owners to have an advisor that can lead them through the changes that affect their specific circumstances.
We all have heard the saying, I didn’t plan to fail, I just failed to plan. Unfortunately, this saying can also be applied to your personal and/or business taxes. By providing appropriate tax planning services, in a timely manner I save my clients from the shock of unexpected tax obligations and save myself from having to make unpleasant phone calls after the tax return has been completed.
The NumberDoctor preparing for tax surgery Some transactions can be planned to postpone income taxes and some transactions can be structured so there is a complete avoidance of income tax. However, many transactions come with income tax consequences. Most taxpayers do not know the difference. This is where my expertise comes into the picture. I meet with my client and get as much information about the proposed transaction as possible. Then I research possible tax alternatives for the proposed transaction and present the alternatives with tax consequences to my client. In this way, both my office and my client know the tax consequences and there is no surprise at a later date.
For business owners, tax planning also includes selecting the business entity in which to operate. Should the business be a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a small business corporation, a partnership or a limited liability company? Each entity has advantages and disadvantages? Selecting the right entity is important and planning is the key for selecting the right entity. Recently I suggested a change in the operating entity for a new client and that change will save that client thousands of dollars every year. My expertise can help you select the right entity for your business!
Tax and retirement checklist Retirement plans are excellent tax planning tools. Which retirement plan is right for your business or you as an individual? Which retirement plan do you qualify for? I can help with answers to these questions!
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